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Adoptable Pets

Rhiannon is an 11 month old pup, Rhiannon - (named after one of Stevie Nicks’ greatest hits!) also responds to Riesling, sweeter than sweet! 
Rhiannon started her life off by being born to a mama who was always chained to various objects in a dirt yard in TX. When her and her littermates were born, they were also chained to grills, rocks, trees, broken down cars - you name it. 
Luckily, a group of advocates from NE to TX were able to get pups and mama to safety!!! 
Rhiannon has two things “against her”. 1 being she is black. 2 being that she is primarily Staffordshire Terrier. Her DNA analysis also shows she has Chow and even Boston terrier in her!

Rhiannon would do best as an only dog in the home. Fenced in yard or a highly active family would suit her high energy and mental stimuli. Due to her energy level, she would be most successful in a home with kids over the age of 13 so they can contribute to her daily needs and not get knocked over ???? 
She does have a bit of a prey drive when it comes to squirrels and stray cats in the area, but can coexist with cats with proper introduction and redirecting. Rhiannon is highly treat motivated when it comes to training. 

-squeaky toys
-bacon flavored Nylabones
-tennis balls
-catnip (yes! I know!!!)
-pig ears
-playing fetch!
-chest and belly rubs
-deer antlers 
-The Food Network
-chewing on sticks
-wading in shallow waters

-Getting her nails cut at home
-squirrels, bunnies, worms and beetles
-fireworks and loud, unexpected noises like i.e. alarms, sirens etc.
-other dogs in her space 24/7 (loves to play, but should not live with)

Rhiannon is 11 months, negative for heartworm, Lyme, anaplasmosis, and other tick borne illnesses. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines and dewormed. 
All 44lbs of her is primarily her body as she has some legs on her! She is small and slender, and thrives on/needs constant exercise and/or mental stimuli as well as direction to be successful in her environment.

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